DDS Documents

The following documents are available for download. Hopefully any questions or issues that may arise from using the DDS are addressed and resolved in the relevant leaflet, document, guide or policy. We were helped by writers from the annotated bibliography writing service to process a lot of professional manuals and little-known literature in order to prepare relevant informational documents. Thanks to such cooperation, we distribute the necessary information both for medical students and for other persons who are interested in a more in-depth study of the possibilities of improving diagnostics and clinical treatment of various diseases. Please check this page regularly for updated versions.

If you can’t find the answer to your query in one of the documents below, please contact the .


DDS Information leaflets

Information leaflets have been produced for clinicians and patients. We would like to thank everyone who has helped with the translation of these. If you are able to help with translations for a language not listed, please get in touch with the .


                  Clinician Information leaflet:  Dut    Eng              Fra   Ger   Ita   Pol             
Patient Information & Consent leaflet:  Dut    Eng    Fin    Fra   Ger   Ita   Pol   Por   Swe


Case Submission documents:

  • Case submission form
               Case submission form Word Document (Printable version)
               Case submission form Pdf Document (Electronic version)
  • List of currently licensed DDS Submitting Nodes
  • How to refer a case to a DDS Submitting Node
  • Information for Submitting Nodes: How to accept case referrals


Software guides:
Guides to the DDS software for Submitting Nodes and Expert Panel members will be available to download here soon.


Audit and evaluation:
A short report on the pilot study of the DDS software which ran from 19th December 2008 to 31st May 2009 is available here

General Policies:

DYSCERNE Data protection statement.

The terms and conditions for the DDS will be available here soon.