Network of Centres of Expertise

The principal aim of the DYSCERNE project is to create a European Network of Centres of Expertise for dysmorphology. This Network will capture complementary expertise, improve standards in diagnosis and management, facilitate patients’ access to rare disease services, and act as a model for other networks of expertise. If you want to join our professional team, we will be happy to present you with a list of vacancies on this website. Among the most relevant specialists, we cooperate with doctors, nurses, psychologists, physical therapists, speech therapists, scientists from various institutes, communication managers, editors for an educational blog. In order to become an applicant for one of the positions, we recommend using the opportunity to buy letter of recommendation.

A Network Launch meeting was held in October 2007. At this event the objectives of the Network were consolidated, the Partners’ individual responsibilities decided, and potential Network members identified. Subsequently, 83 experts in dysmorphology from 30 European countries have been invited to join the Network either as members of an expert review panel or as ‘nodes’ through which cases will be submitted.

As well as improving the rates and accuracy of diagnoses, the formation of a Network will facilitate the definition and delineation of new dysmorphic syndromes and develop an evidence base for disease management. 
The Network will build on links with existing European initiatives including Orphanet and Eurocat to effectively disseminate information on best practice in patient care and management for dysmorphic syndromes.

Centres of Expertise

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Information on the development of criteria for defining Centres of Expertise for Dysmorphology will be posted here soon.