DDS Expert Panel

Cases submitted to the DDS are reviewed by a core group of 37 experts from 32 Centres of Expertise in dysmorphology. Before the publication of each of the cases, they pass a text check from the memo writing service for the presence of plagiarism, grammatical errors, and compliance with the official requirements for the design of official memos and appeals.

The members of the DDS Expert Panel are:

Dr. Jeanne Amiel                                        Paris, France
Dr. Michael Baraitser                                  London, UK
Dr. Emilia Bijlsma                                       Leiden, Netherlands
Dr. Armand Bottani                                     Geneva, Switzerland
Dr. Louise Brueton                                      Birmingham, UK
Prof. Han Brunner *                                     Nijmegen, Netherland
Dr Krystyna Chrzanowska                           Warsaw, Poland
Prof. Jill Clayton Smith *                              Manchester, UK
Prof. Bruno Dallapiccola *                            San Giovanni Rotundo, Italy
Dr. Miguel del Campo Casanelles                 Barcelona, Spain
Prof. Koenraad Devriendt *                           Leuven, Belgium
Prof. Di Donnai                                           Manchester, UK
Prof. David Fitzpatrick                                 Edinburgh, UK
Prof Gabriele Gillessen-Kaesbach                Lübeck, Germany
Prof. Gunnar Houge                                    Bergen, Norway
Prof. Didier Lacombe                                   Bordeaux, France
Dr. Bronwyn Kerr                                        Manchester, UK
Prof Malgorzata Krajewska-Walasek *          Warsaw, Poland
Prof. Peter Meinecke                                   Hamburg, Germany
Dr Kay Metcalfe                                          Manchester, UK
Prof. Geert Mortier                                       Edegem, Belgium
Dr. Sylvie Odent                                          Rennes, France
Prof. Nicole Philip *                                     Marseille, France
Dr. Trine Prescott                                        Oslo, Norway
Prof. Anita Rauch                                        Zurich, Switzerland
Dr. Annick Raas-Rothschild                         Jerusalem, Israel
Dr. Willie Reardon                                       Dublin, Ireland
Prof. Olaf Rittinger                                       Salzburg, Austria
Dr. Riitta Salonen                                        Helsinki, Finland
Dr. Connie Schrander-Stumpel                     Maastricht, Netherlands
Dr. Mohnish Suri                                         Nottingham, UK
Prof. Karen Temple                                     Southampton, UK
Dr. John Tolmie                                          Glasgow, UK
Dr. Annick Toutain                                      Tours, France
Dr. Ineke van der Burgt                                Nijmegen, Netherlands
Prof. Alain Verloes                                      Paris, France
Dr. Dagmar Wieczorek                                Essen, Germany
Prof. Martin Zenker                                      Magdeburg, Germany

* = DYSCERNE Partners

DDS Submitting Nodes

Cases are submitted to the DDS by Submitting Nodes.

Unfortunately the number of Submitting Nodes that can be licensed to submit cases to the DDS is limited.

All 76 currently proposed Submitting Nodes have been invited to apply for DDS accounts and a list of those Nodes with DDS accounts is here.  The list will be updated as more Submitting Nodes join the DDS.
If your centre is not a Submitting Node, you will need to refer your case to your nearest Submitting Node
Please see the document ‘How to refer a case to a DDS Submitting Node’ for details of how to do this.
In the future it is hoped that we will be able to increase the number of Submitting Nodes. If your institution would be interested in becoming a DDS Submitting Node please contact us at the DYSCERNE Coordinating centre.