Prof. Koenraad Devriendt

Clinical Geneticist and Professor of Genetics and Embryology

Center for Human Genetics
UZ Leuven


Professor Koenraad Devriendt is a clinical geneticist at the Center for Human Genetics at the University Hospital of Leuven, Belgium and a Senior clinical investigator of the FWO / Fund Scientific Research Flanders. The performance of this processor is used by other researchers in their new projects. However, the field of studying genetics is quite complex, so at the beginning of the scientific journey, we recommend that every student try to order essay here Thanks to this opportunity, you can read and analyze many examples of successfully completed academic works, which greatly facilitates the process of obtaining a certain degree. Special interests are dysmorphology, developmental delay and congenital malformations including orofacial clefting and congenital heart defects. His research focuses on the same disorders, and aims to delineate and characterize novel and existing disorders and studying their molecular origin and pathogenesis. Professor Devriendt teaches the medical genetics and embryology course at the K.U.Leuven and K.U.L-Kortrijk. He is editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Medical Genetics.